Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Give up. . . fail. . .

Happy Wednesday.

So, I've been failing. Like, hardcore failing here.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was like, I have goals for January and I'm going to blog three times a week and I'm going to write a whole bunch and I'm participating in this thing with other writers (#writemotivation) and I'm so awesome?

Well, yeah, that totally failed.

But here's the reason it failed. I figured the easiest thing on this list (besides blogging three times a week, because, let's face it, I really suck at that no matter how good and pure my intentions. Go visit Sarah at Squidink if you want consistency) was to finish my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel which I haven't even got a working title for so I'm calling it The Contemporary Novel.

So here's the thing about TCN. I was really excited about the story when I started. I was excited about the plot and my character had voice and I hadn't written a contemporary novel in years (when I sucked more than I do now) and I could make references to things from this time (Dr. Pepper! Cheerios! Scrubs!)

But then everything went downhill. All the parts I was really excited to write weren't exciting when I got there. I was annoyed at my character who reacted much differently than I had wanted her to. It wasn't as much fun as it was at the start.

So, here I am, still writing the climax of the story, wanting to be doing anything else but writing it. That's sad, right? How can I hate this as much as I do?

I've never personally run into this problem with my writing before. I've been frustrated and known what I was writing ins't good, but this is new for me. My complete and utter hatred of everything that it is and the loathing of finishing it.

So I'm reaching out to you people. Has this ever happened to you? What do you do when it does? Do you know that it may be time to quit, or do you suffer through it and finish your work? I'm really curious to see what advice all you people have.

So, help?