Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals

Happy Monday.

Man. Does it seem weird that it's 2012 already? It seems weird to me. Very weird. But, that means it's a new year and a chance for new things.

I have several goals for myself this year.

First, starting off with K.T. Hanna's #writemotivation campaign, several writers have made for January that we are all keeping each other motivated to make.

My goals for the month are:

  1. Finish my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel (I'm currently just past the climax).
  2. Finish the first three chapters of THE STAR RUBY.
  3. Blog three times a week for the month.
  4. Create one video. 
Doesn't sound too hard, until you think that it's already the 9th, and I just started on the first one last night. Oh well! I can do it. I think. Maybe. Well, we'll see.

For the year, my main goal is to finish my book. That's right. I want it done. Revised. To the point where I'm working on my query letter and beginning the query process. That's where I want to be by next January.

Along the way I may set other goals for myself, maybe on a monthly basis like #writemotivation.

So, tell me! Do you think this is an achievable goal? Do you guys have any goals this year, personal- writing- or reading-wise? I would love to hear about them.