Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year/Bloggiversary!

Hello all my friends!

Today starts a very special day. It's the day where I get to share my love of books with you while celebrating the fact that I made it an entire year on this blog without (completely) giving up. Yes, I have been lazy the last two months. But I get a pass for November because of NaNoWriMo. I have no real excuse for December other than I was completely and utterly lazy. Oh well.

So to celebrate my year of blogging and the coming of the new year, I'm participating in the Happy New Year 2010 giveaway hop hosted by Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

So what can you win, my pretties? Well, I'm here to tell you. Because I love all of you, and I'm damn proud of myself for continuing to blog all through the year (even though it wasn't regular) I'm giving out TWO gifts! First off is a $20 book from The Book Depository, and also a $10 book for a second winner!

And how do you win these things? Easy! Just fill out the form below! Simple as that! Oh wait, you want to know if there are extra entries? Well of course there are! You can each get up to four other entires for doing various things! Isn't that awesome?

So what are you waiting for! Get to it, my lovelies! Time is of the essence!

Disclaimer: Just so you guys know, this is only open to followers of the blog, so click that little follow button on the right side of the page. Also, as long as The Book Depository delivers to your country, this giveaway is international! Have fun!

Now get to the other giveaways, you fools!

For those of you who are still around, I love you for getting to the bottom and reading this. I'd give you a cookie if I had one.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes, she lives

Yeah, I am alive. Shocking, right?

I was a little burnt out after I finished NaNo. That's right, I am again a winner. I finished the second to last day, which meant that I didn't get that sweatshirt I was going for. (I told myself if I finished by Nov. 25, I would buy the NaNoWriMo sweatshirt. That didn't work out.

Oh well. So, I've been extraordinarily lazy. But I am alive. And my goal is to continue to write blog posts more regularly for the rest of the year (yes, I realize there are only two weeks left) and into next year. Soon I'll be doing a year-end blog post next week, and that also means that my anniversary is coming up. And you can look forward to a giveaway to celebrate.

So, what have I been doing instead of writing these past couple of weeks?

  1. I drew this lovely picture for my dear friend Sarah over at Squidink for Christmas. Its her characters Eva and Kai celebrating Christmas on a beach. They live in a desert country, so there wouldn't be any snow or anything. I have told her she needs to color it.

  2. I've been Christmas shopping. Man, I've forgotten how much I dislike Christmas shopping. Not because I hate giving things to people. In fact, it's the exact opposite. I love giving things to people. All the time. Most of my friends can attest that I like gift-giving all year round. My problem is I'm very indecisive about things. So I don't know what to get during the holidays. At other times, there isn't much weight to a random gift, so I don't have to put much thought into it. *le sigh* I don't mind the Christmas songs and holiday drinks, however.
  3. Working. Working my little tail bone off. That, and a five-day vacation to visit my parents. I celebrated Thanksgiving late since I had to work on the holiday. Fortunately, my family was sweet and held making the big dinner until I got there. Super sweet. So I spent some time catching up with friends and family. And getting my oil changed.
  4. Spending time with the boyfriend. Hey, I have to find time for him too, right? Actually, he gave me the best Christmas presents early. (since we won't be spending the actual holiday together. Are you guys seeing a theme here?) He quite literally gave me the gift that I've been wanting for more than a year. Oh, and jewelry. (Because, you know, girls love jewelry.)
So that's what I've been up to. Tell me one thing you've done in the last month that I don't know about!