Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday 6 and a new goal

So, remember last month when I said I was going to finish the current draft of my WIP by February 27th?

Yeah, who put money on me not making that goal?

Well, if you did, congratulations. You were correct. I owe you... something. Not money, because I don't have a lot of that. Maybe I'll give you Internet cookies. (The yummy kind, not the annoying kind.)

Anyway, so for this WIP Wednesday, do you think that I wouldn't have something to talk about? Well, there you're wrong my friends. You see, I have a new goal. I plan to finish my WIP by the end of this month.

You heard right! March 31st. That is the last possible day I can finish this draft. And you know what? I have actually been doing some writing to make that goal. Not an overwhelming amount, mind you, but enough. Enough that I'm really excited about this deadline.

So, some things that I've been noticing in the past couple of weeks of writing:

  1. I am so much more wordy than I thought. I mean I go into something thinking, "Oh, this will be a chapter" and then it ends up as three. THREE?!? 
  2. My story is falling into a good place, filled with tension. Or, at least I think so. 
  3. I need to write down what's going to happen for the rest of the book. 

See, when I started this specific draft, I knew that I was changing everything about the first half of my novel. And so, I did. I thought that meant, however, that I was going to have the second half of my novel to fall back on. But, I realize that since I changed so much about the first half, I need to rethink my second half. Not major things need to change, just specifics. Because my characters used to know things before that they don't now. So, I have to figure out how that works. 

But! I think I'm well on my way. And yes, I still have to write almost half a novel in the next two weeks (zomg... two weeks!) I'm still hopeful. 

Anyway, how are your projects going? Have you been writing lately? Do you have any deadlines coming up? Let me know in the comments!