Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September #writemotivation check-in No. 1

Wow. I was supposed to do this last week and kept getting busy. Well, at the very least, I'm getting to it now, right?

Anyway, here are the goals:
Thumbnail by Hugh Lee 
  1. Write one blog post a week. Probably will be a #writemotivation check-in post.
  2. Edit two chapters in my WIP a week (on average). So, that's equal to at least eight chapters by the end of the month. Not a lot, but I've had wacky schedules lately, working overtime and a lot of other stuff this month (including a wedding) that will more than likely throw me off for a goal of more. 
  3. Comment on others' blogs at least three times a week. Not much, but I haven't been commenting AT ALL lately, and that's just sad.
  4. Finish editing my CP S.M. Robertson's manuscript.
So the good news is, I've completely finished one of my goals! Huzzah! I have finished my critique for my CP and we've talked and talked and talked about it, so she's off and editing!

As for the rest of them, I missed my blog post last week, but I'm doing it this week, so that's great. And I was commenting on blogs for the first two weeks, so I'm doing okay there too.

As for the most important of my goals, edit two chapters in my novel a week on average, I'm slowly falling behind on it. The problem lies in the fact that my CPs had a lot of questions about my world in them that I didn't have answers for, so I'm world building and researching. And you know what? I REALLY hate it. There is so much thought that goes into world building. So many questions I have to answer. And EVERY TIME I think I've done enough world building, there are always more questions my people ask. And that SUCKS.

My other problem with getting to the editing is that I have to write a new first chapter, and honestly? I'm afraid. I'm afraid it's going to suck. I'm afraid it won't be as interesting as my now-second chapter. And all the mundane things I think of that may have worked and been fine in any other chapter, they just don't seem good enough or exciting enough or special enough for the FIRST chapter. And so I find this fear of starting crippling. I can't get any work done on it, because I can't start. And I can't edit my now-second chapter until I know how much of my background is going to be in the first chapter.

So, that's where I am. Have you ever run into this problem with a chapter of yours? What would you do to get out of it? How are you doing with your own goals? Let me know in the comments below.