Monday, January 7, 2013

Taken by storm

Sometimes there's something that sneaks up on you and takes you by storm. It could be a book. It could be a movie.

Today, for me, is a TV Show.

I put Dance Academy on my Netflix instant cue on a whim. I like dancing, and I like music. I also like teen drama. So, I would like this... maybe... sometime in the future.

It was a literal blind choosing that had me watching this after I finished the show I was working on (Angel... I'll talk about that later, though).

The premise of this Australian show is the characters are students at a private classical dance school in Sydney.

There are a couple of things that make me love this show.

One: Compelling characters. I love Abigail (dark haired girl), the misunderstood, cool and aloof girl with a heart of gold and just wants to be a principle dancer at a ballet company. I also really love Kat (blonde girl), the free spirit who just can't get her life together. And you have to love Sammy (boy on the right). He is so cute. But really, they are each different and flawed, and I love watching them interact.

Two: Suspense. The night before last, I was watching this before I went to bed. I told myself I would watch one more episode. Just one more. And then, the end of the episode came and something crazy happened. Some *gasp* moment where my heart stops and I just can't leave it at that. I need to see more. I need to know what's going to happen next.

Three: Not over-the-top plots, but real situations where you feel for the characters. They all have so many hardships to overcome, and despite the fact that all the characters are so different, the each have specific issues they must face. Although sometimes I roll my eyes at their relationship spur-of-the-moment decisions, it as a whole is still good.

Four: Beautiful dancing. What can I say? I'm a sucker for it. Bonus: It makes me want to get up and dance. And to work on being as flexible as these kids. Holy cow! I wish I could make myself move the way they can.

All of these things can be taken to writing. Well, maybe not the dancing. But everything else? That's just good writing. I sometimes need to remind myself that good writing can be found everywhere.

How about you guys? Anything recently taken you by surprise? Care to share?

Edit later that day:
So this stupid show made me break down and cry at work. Stupid show.