Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Looking at 2013

Man, I can't believe that it was September the last time I posted here.

Mind you, I've been a bit busy lately. Between work (I was pulling 6-day work weeks with little time off in between) and some vacations (traveling vacations... you know where you mean to get all this work done while you're there and you don't because your just too busy with everything else?) and NaNoWriMo... I've been busy.

This is just going to be a short post today letting you know what's coming down the line.

You may see some changes on the blog. I'm going to be messing around with stuff as I prepare for 2013.

Why, you ask? Well, I'm looking to start fresh. I've got all these ideas and aspirations clamoring around in my head. I want to be better at blogging regularly. I want to be more productive. I want to start getting in more conversations with you guys.

So, I'll be posting sporadically over the next month letting you know about how I did at NaNoWriMo and some other holiday madness.

Come 2013 though? That's when it's going to get fun.