Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday, Week 4 (and 5 Things I Did Instead of Writing)

So, it's Wednesday again, where I'm supposed to tell you all the amazing work I did on my WIP. But to tell the truth, I haven't been writing. Like, for the last two weeks. I know - such a slacker, right?

So, instead I'm going to give you a list of five things I've done instead of writing (or blogging, for that matter!):

  1. Slept. Lord, do I love sleeping. I'm a big proponent of sleeping. I very much want the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. So yeah. But also, I think I was getting sick over the weekend, and so I slept a lot. And I mean, a LOT. But I feel better now. I call that a win.

  2. Read. I finished two and a half books in the last couple of weeks. And I think that's fantastic. I like to read. And my reading had been vastly suffering. So it's good that I'm getting back to that, right?

  3. Worked out. That's right, folks. I've been going to the gym instead of writing. And the fact that I used to use writing as a way to ignore my health means this is actually a very large step forward for me. Now I just need to find the balance.

  4. Commented and read blogs. Oh yeah, that's right. You people are part of my problem. Between the Writer's Campaign and my friends who blog, I've vastly fallen behind on reading and commenting. And so every time I sat down to write, instead my time was taken up by countless blog posts. *sigh* I need more hours in the day.

  5. Pinterest. Oh, how bad that site is for me. Yeah, I spent a good portion of my time online scrolling through endless pages of pretty hair styles and gorgeously decorated rooms and inspirational phrases and hilarious images and more. The plus side is I now know how to do a french and a fishtail braid. The downside is now I'm planning for things that I don't even want to think about including engagement photos, wedding ideas and baby shower things. I don't want to spend time on thinking about these. *headdesk*
So, that's what I've been doing instead of writing. But I'm here at my coffee shop now. I'm fed (with a delicious and healthy lunch) and I have my latté. I'm reading to get started and I'm not going to stop until I have at least 500 words. (Or I have to go to work. Because, you know, that's something I can't really neglect.)

And what about you? What have you been doing instead of writing?