Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tagged (again)

Well, I was tagged again by Siv Maria so while I don't usually post on Saturday, I didn't want to take up a normal slot for another tagging. Therefore - Special fun-time extra blog! (If only I were an awesome cartoon superhero and that would do something cool. . .)

Do you use Word Verification and why? (Better check first)
No. I use Intense Debate which allows nested comments and the availability to subscribe to replies. It's nice because if a commenter wants a response, they don't have to come back to my site, they can get an email response. I'm not a big fan of Word Verification. Why would you want to make it harder for people to comment?

When visiting a Blog what bothers you most about the format?
I hate it when the font/colors of the writing make it unreadable. Make it easy on me. Also, I prefer it when things are broken down into smaller paragraphs. Large, wordy paragraphs make me want to stop reading.

Do you have your email address listed on your profile, if not, why?
Of course! I want people to be able to contact me, if they want. And, on occasion, they have.

How often do you post?
I try to keep it to three times a week. I can't really keep up with more, and I don't want to spam people with blog posts anyway.

Are you on Facebook or Google plus?
Both. I like them for different things. I also have a Facebook fan page for my author self.

How often do you check your stats?
Not too often. I've been checking a bit more lately since there's more action going on with the campaign. But, I try not to get too worked up about it. Maybe once a month?

What influences what you write about?
That's a tough question. Things I've been through. Things I overhear. Things people tell me. Things I see in movies. I write about whatever inspires me to write!

What is the most important thing that happened to you last year?
I got a job that I love and a boyfriend whom I love. (I met him at the job, so I think it counts as one thing.)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
I'd really like to go to Ireland. Or France again. Or to Italy with my half-Italian friend. I would love to travel more.

If you could talk to a dead person about writing, who would that be?
Oh man, that's a toughie. I think it would be Ernest Hemmingway. I know he was a jerk of a man in real life, but I'd love to pick his brain anyway.

What one thing in the grocery store do you always want to buy? I cannot help but collect new spices.
Hmmm. . . I have a problem buying milk. I'll buy milk, then come home to find my milk is neither gone nor expired. My boyfriend, however, has a problem buying me peanut butter and bread.

So that's all for me this fine Saturday. I'm not going to post new questions because I think most people have done this by now. BUT! If you are reading this and you HAVEN'T done this, you ARE hereby tagged and must answer the questions I did. Go now. Have fun!