Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coffee shops and love

Guys! Guys! Guess what?

I'm at a coffee shop! I have my computer and coffee and I'm all set to write! How awesome is that.

After a half-hearted attempt at writing last night (boyfriend came over and wasn't feeling well, so we ended up playing a lot of video games). But, I did write a little, and now I'm here, feeling fresh and ready to get started. (You know – once I finish this blog post.)

One of two coffee shops I'm known to frequent
I may not have mentioned this before on this blog, (I know I did as a guest post on Squidink) but I do the bulk of my writing at coffee shops. I don't do it for the aesthetic and dramatic value of being a writer in a coffee shop. I go because it works for me.

See, when I'm in a coffee shop, I only have the distractions I bring. I only have the tables they have to sit at, the limited bandwidth of Internet and no TV. Okay, that last one is a major one.

I am easily distracted. And while I did the bulk of my writing for NaNoWriMo at home at my desk, I like working in coffee shops because I can really stay focused.

That's not to say that coffee shops work for everyone. I know a lot of people who are too distracted in an area that isn't theirs to get anything done. That works for you, great. I think the place that I will ultimately be most productive is in a home office. That's not in the basement. Once I get that, I think I'll be set. For now, I have my coffee shop, and I'm going to go writing.

By the way, for fairness, I'm going to list out my goals of February. Unfortunately, they are the same goals as January. But, I'm already closer now to finishing them than I was.

  • Finish 2011's NaNoWriMo TCN
  • Work on the first three chapters of STAR RUBY
  • Blog three times a week, preferably Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Do one Vlog
I only managed to complete the final one in January. But with my life getting back in order, I feel good about February. 

So tell me, how's this month shaping up for you? And where are you most productive?