Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giveaway winners, Dear Future Me

Wow. You guys really like books, don't you?

I had an amazing response to this giveaway - 158 people for a total of 510 entries - so you guys are all book nerds. And I love you all for it.

So, to get to the point now, I'm sure you want to know who won, right? Of course you do.

So, congratulations to Mimz, who won the $15 book, and Juana Esparza who won the $10 book!

I have emailed both, and they will have 48 hours to respond before I choose a new winner. Thanks everyone for playing, and I really hope you stick around. I think this is a pretty nice blog, and I want to get to know all you folks out there.

So, for those who are interested: I participated in this interesting thing online called "Dear Future Me." Way back in July I was quitting my job with no plans for the future. All I knew was that I was very unhappy with my life and I needed a change. I had no clue what I was going to do. So, I wrote myself this email, and Future Me held it and sent it to me on the first of the year.

This is what I wrote:

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 5 months and 24 days ago, on July 07, 2011. It is being delivered from the past through

Dear FutureMe,

Right now it is July 7. You are one day away from your last day at the Enterprise. You are going home to Billings where you will be living with your parents.

Yeah, you're scared. You have no idea where you're going to be, if any of those publishing jobs will ever work out, if you'll be living with your parents for a while or only a few weeks. It's a scary road. You like things to be planned out, and this is one big question mark.

Can I just say, I'm proud of you. You may remember writing this and giggling a little at how weird it is to be so scared and yet saying this, but it's true. It took a lot of guts to just give up this job, and it took even more to stick with that decision. I'm hoping you do.

I hope things went well. I don't know where you ended up. Did you get a publishing job? Did you move in with Crystal? Did you go to Korea? I don't know that yet. Even if you're still at home, waiting for another shot at something great, that's fine. You have to let yourself screw up sometimes, girl. You don't ever let yourself fail. Give yourself permission. If you succeeded, I'm not surprised. You can land on your feet. You go girl.

So there. A letter to remind you that life is scary, but you can choose so many different things.

Happy new year, 24-year-old me.

How fun is that? Would any of you consider writing a letter to your future selves? I say go for it!