Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo update

So, maybe live blogging isn't for me?

Last Friday, the day I gave myself a goal of 3,000 words, ended up being the first day that I didn't write anything. Which is a little sad, in my book. Then, of course, I was far too busy on Saturday to get any sort of writing done (I was judging debate, and then I had work). So, that was really unproductive and all.

This ended in me actually falling a day behind in my writing, despite all my trying to keep far enough above the "par" line to not fall behind.

But that's okay. Falling behind isn't such a bad thing, because you can always catch up. There are always those days where you get so wrapped up in writing that you come out way above what you thought you'd have. I like those days.

But the real important thing is you don't give up - no matter the project you're working on. I was able to catch up to daily word count yesterday with the help of my lovely friend Sarah over at Squidink and her mother. I'm staying with them for a four day weekend. The only reason I'm going to make it through without killing my word count is that they are both doing NaNo too.

So tell me, how are your projects going right now? Do you feel behind or ahead? Let me know.