Friday, August 26, 2011

My choice of genre

I am one of those people who will read a variety of genres. I like YA, fantasy and sci-fi all the time, a good mystery every once in a while, chick lit, grew up on romance, will attack a classic every now and again, and I'll read just plain fiction any day.

I mainly write young adult, however. It's the genre that I read most – and there's a reason for it. I find it easy to connect to. Face it, everyone goes through it at some time. When I was 10, I was reading YA because I couldn't think of anything I wanted to be more than when I turned 16 and had a car and some independence.

Now, I look back on those years as a very integral part of my life. Those few years made me who I am today and I'm proud and happy with who I have become.

And even today, I still feel like that kid sometimes. I still have conversations with my parents that make me feel like I'm just a teenager again.

A couple weeks ago my mom and I were coming back from grocery shopping and I was expressing to her a fear of mine. That I'd passed up many things during high school and college, and I was afraid that I wasn't actually living my life. Much as I love her, she just didn't get what I was saying and kept telling me things that had no connection to my actual problem. It was frustrating, but a familiar feeling in the land of YA.

That's why I think YA is so relatable. Even though I'm away from my teen years, there are still times that remind me of what I, and probably the vast majority of others, went through.

So tell me – do you have similar feelings about your childhood? Why do you write or read what you choose to? Let me know.