Monday, August 1, 2011

Go forth...

Okay, I know that title is a little misleading. We aren't multiplying here. We're living.

One of the best pieces of advice given to me about writing is: Live.

This afternoon, I'm going to be starting a new job in a town I've only visited three times. It is an entirely new experience that I'm a little nervous about and a lot excited. I will be challenged in ways that I haven't been in a long time. Oh, and I'm not even staying at my own place. I'm staying at someone else's house until I can move into my house.

What does this have to do with writing? EVERYTHING! Writers have the innate ability to take the things that happen to them and apply them to writing. And that relationship is what makes writing so relatable to the readers. Who hasn't been in a situation where they felt completely out of place as I will tomorrow?

See, the best thing a writer can do other than sit down and write every day is going out into the world and experiencing everything and anything you can. No, you don't have to have done everything to convince readers that something is true, but don't you feel it would be more authentic to know what it's like to be drunk than to make it up on the spot? (Please, please, please don't try it if you aren't 21. I don't care if you characters are if you aren't of age.)

There is another upside – think how exciting your life will be when you say yes to things. It will be way fun.

So tell me, have you used an experience you had that was out of the ordinary for your writing? Have you ever agreed to something just for the sake of knowing what it would be like for writing? I would love to hear it.