Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have been such a terrible blogger lately. I'm sorry for that. Here's a quick update on what's been going on:

First, I quit my job at the Enterprise. Without knowing what I was going to do next, I was getting ready to move out when I got a job offer from the Great Falls Tribune. Needless to say, it's kind of my dream journalism job, so I was floored. Funny thing was, I hadn't applied for it for more than a year. Right before I graduated college last year, I applied for the job and was chosen second for it. The first girl accepted, so I didn't get the job. They said they would give me a call if anything turned up. Four days after I quit my last job, something came up. Go figure, right?

So, I spent a gruesome week packing up my entire house hold (no easy feat to do all alone, mind you). Then, I spent one day actually moving, one day recovering from moving, and then I spent a week traveling to visit college friends, since I was evidently not going to have time to visit them since I was going to have to start work. At the tail end of my trip, I went apartment hunting, and then went home Sunday night.

Okay, I wasn't doing anything on Monday that prevented a blog post from being written. But after nearly two weeks of not writing, I kind of just completely spaced it.

So, I'm back to blogging. And I have some news, people! Other than I got a job (which is nice, don't get me wrong). I'm going to be redesigning my blog with Jeremy over at Novel Thoughts and Jeremy West Designs. I don't know how long it will take, but we shall see. I'm thinking no more than a month, as long as our schedules don't get bogged up.

So I leave with a question: What do you want to see in my blog, my blog design and my blog content in the coming month? Let me know in the comments.