Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The writing community

There are several huge reasons why I want to go into publishing and writing. And this post should explain those reasons.

One of the reasons is that while it's fairly difficult to get into, the people that are in it are welcoming and fantastic people that are usually genuinely amazing to be around. The writers, editors, agents and others that are involved while being semi-celebrities (at least in my mind) are still actually approachable. Authors take the time to reply to comments on Facebook, Twitter or what have you. They get excited about new things and each other like us fans, and they actually enjoy getting to chat with us and meet us personally at places like signings.

While I think everyone will always be enthralled with actor superstars (yes, I drool over my fair share) they aren't real in my mind. I know that I will never EVER meet an actor I admire in real life. I know that's not realistic for me to hope for. But I know that there are so many chances for me to meet the writers I admire, as long as I pay attention to their tour schedules (and stalk their blogs - but I admit nothing!). This is a possibility, and that's something that I completely love about this industry.

For instance, Kody Keplinger just today commented on my IMM vlog. Needless to say I was elated, and I wasn't expecting it. But that's the kind of thing that CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN! And how great is that? Because I love the fact that my role models and heros are actually approachable and they're willing to listen and give advice and cheer for others.

When you think about it, isn't this industry great? What are your favorite parts? Do you have a favorite moment? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


ashelynn sanford said...

I agree. I <3 the writing community. One of my favorite parts is how welcoming and nice they are! <333

Sarah Robertson said...

I love chatting people up on Twitter. I totally fangirl authors too. I'm afraid that if I ever actually meet any of them I will turn into a gibbering pile of mush. But still, it's awesome how open everything is. Authors don't seem as caught up in their "celebrity" status as much as everyone else.

However, you mention that there are several reasons you want to go into publishing and then say that this post mentions them all . . . where are the rest?!

Corrine Jackson said...

Okay, this is so sweet. And you're right! The writing community is pretty amazing. I hope to see a book of yours out there someday. :)

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