Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing SHOULD be fun, but it isn't

At least, not all the time.

Let's be honest people, it can't be good all the time. And it isn't. Writing is hard. Writing is lonely. Writing is like beating your head against a desk repeatedly. And that's what we writers live for. Masochists.

Writing reminds me a lot of running. Mind you, I hate running. I probably hate it so much because I'm horribly out of shape - but that's beside the point. But it is, and I'll demonstrate how. So this is going to be an interesting side-by-side kind of post. Here goes.

  • Yes, I know that running is good for me. 
    • I know that I can't publish without finishing a manuscript.
  • I know I should workout everyday, or at least every week. 
    • I know I should be working on my WIP everyday, or at least every week.
  • I feel good at the beginning of a run.
    • I feel excited about my idea at the start.
  • I soon get winded and tired and my muscles start hurting.
    • I run into plot/character/whatever problems and can't sort it out.
  • I have to continue to push myself, panting heavily, muscles screaming to stop.
    • I have to work myself through my blocks and continue writing when I'm not inspired
  • I push through the pain and get high on sudden endorphins. (Note: Today was the only day this has EVER happened to me.)
    • I finally come to a breakthrough where everything is suddenly piecing together.
  • I finish the run and feel fantastic.
    • I finish and feel completion.
  • Repeat again tomorrow.
    • Begin the editing process.
See some similarities? You see - running is horrible. But so is writing. But we continue to do them, but for different reasons. I push through running because I want to be healthy. I write because I love it, and the good far out-weighs the bad. (For runners, they can say that too. But, like I said, I am no runner.)

They are both difficult. They both take incredible endurance and dedication and patience and drive. And you have to be willing to deal with a little pain. 

Both both writers and runners can agree: There's nothing else in the world like it.


Sarah Robertson said...

Interesting metaphor. Not sure I can agree since I have yet to see any of those benefits of running. Still, I get your point and it's a good one! :P

Jasmine1485 said...

I've never heard it compared as such but I can see how it works :) Unfortunately I'm not much of a runner or a writer... but I'd prefer to write any day!

Erin said...

Oh man...I totally agree with this post. Although I think running sucks a lot more than writing does. I HATE running! Can't something easier be just as efficient at burning calories???

Annerb said...

@Jasmine and @Erin

I completely agree with both of you. I hate running. And if push comes to shove, I'll always pick writing over running. (Yuck!)

And yes, I would love an easier way to burn calories! *is such a lazy couch potato*

ashelynn sanford said...

::claps:: good post!! I agree--and hell, sometimes I run when I "run" into a plot problem! ;D But I'd rather write than run any day.

Rane said...

Writing is definitely not fun all the time!! YIKES lol. I'm working on a nonfiction editing project that's killing me. LOL I guess as long as we persevere, the day will come when we see our dreams come true. (That came out a little corny...but you know what I mean!)

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