Saturday, January 1, 2011

An introduction to the blog

Hello all! Although at the time I'm writing this, I have only one follower. That doesn't matter. I'm going to forge ahead anyway.

This blog is part of (idea stolen from my former roommate, Sarah) a New Year's Resolution to immerse myself in the world of writing. (For more information on me, check out the bio post on me.)

This blog is an attempt to keep myself, and by extension all of you) up to date on my thoughts/opinions/experiences with the world of writing. I don't really focus all on recent books, but also good movies (cinematography, screen plays, soundtracks, etc.), television, (mainly writing), plays (if I ever get to a spot where this becomes applicable), and even a classic or two every now and then (when the feeling strikes me to read a classic).

On this blog, I'm committing to share with you reviews, let you know the projects I'm working on, solicit thoughts on those projects, and even post a contest or two when I get to it. I'll definitely try to keep you guys up-to-date on contests that I know are going on elsewhere.

I am committing to blog at least every other day, as long as nothing major comes up at work. I want to review something at least once a week - no matter the medium.

Since I'm new right now and don't have any contacts with the publishing world as of yet, I do not have access to ARCs, advance copies or swag. Hopefully when I gain a presence online (*crosses fingers*) I will. Until then, giveaways and reviews will all be of things that are already out. Sorry!

If there is anything you guys are looking for, please let me know! I'm more than happy to try to cater to what you need.


The Name Is Ashelynn said...

Niiice! Love the layout. ^_^ Looking forward to your posts. :)

Annerb said...

Ashelynn - you're sweet. Thanks!

Sarah said...

You sound so much more dedicated in your first post than I do. :P Good job.

Annerb said...

Thanks Sarah! I was trying. I already have plans for the next three posts, too.

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