Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can I really be that cool?

I was pleasantly surprised to find yesterday that the lovely Jessie over at The Daily Harrell nominated me and the blog for the Stylish Blogger Award! That really made my day. Like really. 
As part of being nominated, there are some conditions involved:
  1. That you thank and link back to the blog that nominated you. (Done!)
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Award other recently discovered bloggers
  4. Contact said bloggers and tell them about the award!

I'm just so excited. Anyway, here are seven things you probably didn't know about me:
  1. I press the unlock button on my keys about 15 times as I'm walking toward my car. Even if I see my lights flashing, I still press it a couple more times. I don't really know why I do this, other than I really want to make sure that my car is unlocked. Generally when it's not, I painfully break nails. Sometimes there's blood. 
  2. I don't like to shower until I get into the shower. Of course, I shower out of necessity, but I always try to put it off if I can. I'm not unclean or anything people. It must just be my procrastinating nature coming out in the form of trying to get out doing anything necessary.
  3. The first boy I had a crush on was a red-head named Stewart. We went to pre-school and day care together. Once when we went camping, some "friends" arranged a mini marriage for us. Apparently they had arranged for someone to ask me if I did first, and then Stewart would say no. I don't actually remember what happened. 
  4. I like making lists. I like crossing things off said lists. This gives me much joy for no reason. I get to do this a lot for work.
  5. I have a notebook fetish. No really - I have a thing for notebooks. It's probably unhealthy that I continually spend money on notebooks that I never end up filling. I used to get really excited for school just so I could use my new notebooks. I'm a nerd like that.
  6. I am freaking competitive. Sarah (who used to be my roommate) can attest to this. If I do something, I want to be the best at it. This has led to some very bad nights playing games with friends, especially when they are as competitive as I am. Sarah's boyfriend (a good friend of mine as well) and I have gotten into some pretty harsh times. Don't ask about the night I wouldn't let him win at Munchkin even though I was going to win too. 
  7. When I'm trying to fall asleep, I twitch. A LOT. I will go back and forth, only moving about an inch total. I'm just weird like that. I pity anyone who has to sleep in the same bed as me.

As for blogs that I love, here we go!
  1. Even though she told me not to, I'm nominating Sarah's blog Squidink because she really does blog about interesting things in the writing world. Her perspective is amazing, and even though I know her, she is constantly surprising me!
  2. I'm definitely nominating Ashelynn's A Gypsy Writer because she is fantastic and is always doing interesting posts. And, she posted how to make homemade tortillas for me. YUM!
  3. Ashely of Ashley's Bookshelf. She's very eclectic and super nice. You should go check her out.
  4. Quincy of Quincy's Art. Her art for only a high schooler is fantastic. And she is one of the coolest high schoolers I know.
  5. If anyone is as cool as Quincy, it's Laurel and her blog  Crayondog. She is a fantastic writer for a high school student, and a pretty talented blogger for so young. 
Okay that's all for today's post guys! Please check out these blogs, if you get the chance. Because they are all amazing. Tomorrow, look forward to a review of SHIVER.


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The Name Is Ashelynn said...

thank you! We seem to things in common--I too have a notebook fetish! ;D

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