Friday, February 24, 2012

Shoe shopping

So, I went shoe shopping on the Internet. I just paid for some super cute boots that will be here next week. I'm very excited.

But something I wasn't expecting: looking at the "next big thing" for spring.

Uh. . . what?
Look at that beast. I mean, does that look comfortable or stylish to you? I think it looks a bit painful and I don't know how I would ever walk in them. If, you know, I were to try.

Fads. I just don't get most of them. I've never been all that into fads, to be honest. A few I do remember.

But the funny thing about fads is, when they're over, don't you feel silly for your desire for them after they're done and gone? I do.

And that's why you shouldn't try to conform to a fad. Shouldn't do something just because it's popular. If you don't love it completely for yourself, then what's the point?

The same goes with writing. (What? It's a writing blog. You knew I would link it back to that somehow, right?) You shouldn't try to conform to a certain fad just because it's popular and it's what's selling. The best advice is to write what you want to read, write what you enjoy. Because in the end, don't you want people to read your stuff who are as passionate about it as you are?

So tell me! What's the most ridiculous fad you've tried? Have you considered writing what's "in" just because it was popular? I'd love to hear it!